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Your Local Cake Dealer - Sarah

Cottage Bakery offering custom order gourmet cupcakes and bespoke

buttercream cakes for all occasions!

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My Story

Over five years ago, Sarah was convinced that everyone knew how to make delicious cakes and cupcakes. She grew up in a house where everyone was a fantastic cook and baker, and she thought it was expected that everyone made cakes as wonderful as her family. It wasn’t until people started asking her personally to make cakes for their events and then the overwhelmingly positive feedback she got about how delicious her creations were that she realized she could create a business out of doing what she loved - making cakes and cupcakes.

“I love everything about my business! To be able to have creative freedom and even delivering my orders and see the huge smiles on my customers' faces. Especially for my younger customers, seeing a child’s face light up is the best feeling ever!  When creating my business model, I decided that titling Scratch as a “bakery and cupcakery” best suited my overall offerings. While the cupcake is my specialty, I also make custom bespoke buttercream cakes. Everything I make is from scratch. No shortcuts, no artificial flavorings, and all completely custom-made to order. I have no set menu.  The creativity door is wide open for them and me. For that, I am the proudest.”

Not only can Sarah make you unique sweets, but she uses fresh, quality ingredients and no artificial flavorings. You can be sure there’s no added chemical or fake flavoring from Sarah‘s kitchen.

She may be a business of one, but she can handle any kind of event, wedding, or office party. Maybe you just need a dozen cupcakes for a girl’s night out? She’s got you covered in that department and will make your girls get together a sweet one to remember. No matter the task, Sarah has the determination and the love of baking to do the job.

What does Sarah feel is essential to success?  “For me, staying true to my morals and standards is most important for my success. Often as businesses grow, in any industry, the volume goes up, and quality goes down. For me, there’s nothing more important than maintaining the quality my customers have come to expect. You can’t get the best results without using the best ingredients and putting the time and effort into each order that it deserves.”

So, the next time you need a sweet treat for your event, remember to shop local and support a small business owner and her dream.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to create another Scratch by Sarah masterpiece.

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